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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Whether your school just signed on with us, or have been our partners for years, we want to extend a sincere THANK YOU for allowing us to care for your families. We are so thankful that you've given us the chance to serve...

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Quick Picture Day Tips

Boy holding picture frame
  • Dress for Success: help your child pick out an outfit that looks good and makes them feel good. Confidence is the top ingredient for a good photo! Avoid patterns, logos or slogans that distract from your child’s face. You want a picture of their shining smile, not a brand name. If his/her school uses a dress code, be sure to know what the wardrobe rules are for pictures.
  • Happy Hair: as with clothes, a haircut the child likes will make them feel confident. Any style works for their photo. Consider scheduling a haircut several days in advance so they have time to change it, if they want to.
  • You Do You: let your child know to relax and be him/herself. There is no “perfect picture”—remember, this is a time to take a picture of your child as they are. Our trained photographers and assistants will make sure your son or daughter has good posture, but things like a freckles or a particularly stubborn bit of curly hair are part of what make your child unique. If your child feels self-conscious about temporary blemishes, we have a retouching option to put them at ease.

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